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Playing Bluray discs with VLC on Mac

Last updated on Saturday 14 March 2015

I recently aquired a Bluray drive for my Macbook Pro, and after a bit of trouble shooting, I finally managed to get VLC 2.2.0 to play a Bluray disc.

Showreel 2014–1

Last updated on Thursday 3 July 2014

My showreel for 2014, with all my film work of the past five years.

Using the small Apple USB keyboard on Linux

Last updated on Sunday 15 September 2013

After years of trying to make this work on outdated Linux installations provided by the office, I find that on up-to-date systems, it’s not that hard at all.

Loading a Python module from file

Last updated on Thursday 5 April 2012

I find myself often in the situation, where I need to load a particular Python file as module.

TD Project WIP

Last updated on Monday 23 May 2011

This is the shot I worked on for the TD part of the VFX Professional course I followed at Escape Studios in 2011.